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Join the growing number of community business leaders in Kirkland.

We meet every 2nd Tuesday of each month.
8am - 9am: The Breakfast Club - Kirkland Family Restaurant
9am - 10am: Official Chamber Meeting - Village Hall
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Community Focused
benefiting of all residents and the business community
"Surround yourself with great people; delegate authority; get out of the way."
-Ronald Reagan
"No person will make a great business who wants to do it all himself or get all the credit."
-Andrew Carnegie
Becoming a member


Network with other leaders

As a member you get to network with other business and community leaders and increase your potential.  

Bridge to the Community

The Chamber sees itself as a bridge for business owners to the wider community.  As we build you benefit and gain increased exposure.  

Advertise your business

With the Chamber you will receive opportunities to advertise your business through community connections and our many portals.  

Expand possibilities

Networking and building relationships is a powerful way to expand your possibilities and grow your business.  

Our Sponsors


Our July Festival has the largest summer fireworks display in Northern Illinois.  This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and promote all that the area has to offer. Community Events

September /

Our Fall Festival is a fun event for the whole family.  It includes music, fun, concession stands and an opportunity for the community to get to know our businesses.

Community Events

Our popular ‘Christmas in Kirkland’ is a fun filled event that the whole community can enjoy. Check out this year’s event in our seasonal newsletter and on the Community Events page


For the general welfare and prosperity of the greater Kirkland region.

The Kirkland Chamber of Commerce supports the following sectors of our community:

Economic | Civic | Commercial | Industrial | Cultural | Educational

Business of the Year
Dentist, Dr. Barbara J. Runne was honored & recognized business of the Year Recipient by Ryan Braden, Chamber President.